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Lion´s Tower (1 of 2) Audiodescription.

Lion´s Tower (1 of 2)

The Lions’ Tower, topped with a crenelated parapet wall that encloses a square terrace, is located in the northeast part of the building, is now the main entrance to the Alcazar of the Christian Kings. It owes its name to the gargoyles on the top. It is the oldest tower of the building, with a quadrangular floor-plan and almohad-style border. On the lower floor, the main entrance is through an archway. The reception and ticket office are located on the right and a coat of arms belonging to King Philip II can be seen on the left. Facing you is a statue of Alfonso X “the Wise”. The upper floors can be reached via a narrow spiral staircase located along the corridor. This tower is adorned by balconies and battlements. The current entrance was opened in 1662, as it had previously been walled up.
The inner rooms are covered by graceful groin vaults, with ogives and ribs of Cordoban stone. The inner arches are supported by fine columns, highlighting the feeling of verticality and the beauty of the gothic capitals which support the arches. The light for this room comes from several different narrow windows.

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