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Coat of arms of Philip H II(1 of 3)

Coat of arms of Philip H II(1 of 3)

This coat of arms was initially located in the tympanum which crowned the façade of old city council in Capitulares Street. It is a quartered coat of arms, with the following elements:

1ª Shield quartered by a cross; 1 and 4 Castille: Gules, a three towered castle, mason’s sable and ajouré azure. 2 y 3 Argent, a rampant lion, purpure crowned Or, langued and armed gules. (Gules) Heraldic name fot eh in red.
The coat of arms features the symbols of Portugal on a silver field. (Escusón) little blazon located in the middle of the main coat of arms.

2ª Party per pale; 1- The symbols of Aragon: Or, four pallets gules,; 2- party per cross, the symbols of Sicily, the four stripes of Aragon flanked by two eagles topped with gold; 3- The Kingdom of Jerusalem, on a silver field with a saltire cross and gules.
saltire cross in heraldics means crosspiece, Saint Andrew's Cross, or crux decussata.

3ª Part per fess; 1- The symbols of the Austrian Royal Family, a silver stripe on a red field; 2- The symbols of the Duchy of Burgundy (ancient), on a blue field with three golden stripes and gules.

4ª Party per fess; 1- The symbols of the Duchy of Burgundy on a azure field with Fleur-de-lis; 2- The coat of arms of the County of Flanders, a rampant lion on a golden field.
The symbols of Granada: Argent, a pomegranate, proper seeded gules supported, sculpted and leafed in two green leaves.
In the centre of the tip there is a blazon featuring a rampant lion and an eagle.
The coat of arms is crowned by an open royal crown, flanked by two angels holding the coat. A scroll underneath marks the border of the coat and the Golden Fleece. The decoration of the coat follows the mannerist style.

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